• 1.8 Million Citizens Served

    CEN was built to serve Connecticut’s community anchor institutions today and well into the future.

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Connecticut's Trusted Internet Partner

CEN is Connecticut’s premier provider of high-performance Internet services. Since 2000, CEN has been accelerating the progress of our members by providing reliable, low latency, high-speed networking and security services. We are the provider of choice for organizations that demand exceptional value, performance, and highly personalized service.

CEN Offers

Internet & Networking

CEN provides advanced Internet and network solutions that are faster and more reliable than any other provider. Since 2001, CEN has operated and managed a 2500 route mile, all optical, high performance, low latency network.

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CEN delivers a suite of enterprise security offerings. Advanced threat protections include DDoS mitigation at no additional cost and options for next-gen managed firewalls and web content filtering.

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Cloud Connect

CEN provides access to all major cloud providers including Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, taking the complexity out of the process and providing the highest value to our members.

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Support Services

CEN provides comprehensive support services covering administrative and technical needs of every member. Our 24x7x365 NOC, custom tools, and member relations team provide highly personalized support solutions.

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Join the CEN community to gain access to CEN's world class products and services. CEN's cost recovery business model and extensive network across all Connecticut communities ensure economical access for any organization.

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Engagement & Collaboration

CEN is more than a provider of Internet and network services; we are a community driven organization. Engaging with our members informs our strategy, services, and direction, resulting in a community of practitioners like no other.

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Connecting Connecticut's Communities

CEN ‘Connects Connecticut’s Communities’ with over 2,500 optical fiber route miles across 24 hub sites bringing advanced network and technology solutions to it’s members throughout the state.

CEN has a resilient ring design, multi-100Gbps core, and is connected to 4 Internet Service Providers. With a mix of connectivity options to the public Internet, Internet2, on-net caching, and peering arrangements with regional networks, CEN delivers low latency, high performance network access to every K-12 district, nearly every college and university, the majority of municipal offices and libraries, health care, public safety, state agencies, and open access members throughout the state.

CEN’s approach delivers the fastest, most economical, equitable, and secure Internet experience compared to those available commercially.

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Featured Member Highlights

uconn skyline

University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut (UConn) supports the teaching, learning, and research activities of over 40,000 faculty, staff, and students on five campuses located throughout the State. Our partnership with CEN enables us to meet the diverse needs of our community – from streaming content in a residential hall to performing data-intensive research – by delivering reliable, high-speed internet.

For UConn, CEN helped establish and now manages a link that provides 100-Gbps connectivity via a fiber-optic network backbone to the internet, our regional campus locations, and Internet2. This enhanced connectivity facilitates collaboration and exchange of vast datasets among UConn researchers and peers at national and international institutions. These capabilities, in combination with the expertise of our faculty, dedication of staff, and performance of the student body, contribute to UConn’s reputation as one of the top 25 public universities in the nation.

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News & Announcements

  • Schools Grapple with Digital Divide
    At a recent convention of Connecticut school officials, Nick Caruso asked 50 school board members and superintendents what their districts do for students who lack internet access at home. Most didn’t even know whether their district has a policy, said Caruso, a senior staff associate for the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education and member of […]
  • Prospect Public Library Gets Grant to Connect to Connecticut Education Network
    The state’s Library Board awarded the Prospect Public Library $27,825 in grant funding for a high-speed fiber connection to the Connecticut Education Network. According to a release, the grant covers all costs related to installing the fiber connection to the library. It is anticipated the connections will be completed later this year. In 2015, the […]
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    America’s first statewide K-12 & Higher Education network built exclusively using state of the art fiber connections. @CTEDUNET