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DNS Hosting

Domain Name System (DNS) Hosting and Management Services

CEN Managed Domain Name System (DNS) is an enterprise-class authoritative DNS service that offers fast response time, redundant and resilient architecture, and advanced security with built-in DDoS mitigation, DNSSEC, and Malware destination filtering at no additional cost. DNS is included in CEN’s Internet service to all members.

Member Benefits:

  • Resilient enterprise grid design 
  • Secure – DDoS hardened service with DNS firewall options 
  • Comprehensive solution to manage and protect your DNS environment.
  • Included at no cost with CEN ISP service 
  • Directly supported by CEN staff and quick incident response

Included Features:


Ultra fast, on-net DNS, forward and reverse zones, domain hosting, & domain management.


IP Address Management.


Supports DNSSEC: A technology that was developed to, among other things, protect against such attacks by digitally 'signing' data so you can be assured it is valid.

Management Portal

Self-managed and self-directed interface that allows members to manage their own records.

High Availability

Hosted at 2 locations in Connecticut.


DNS Forwarder with threat protection response policy zone feeds.

DNS Firewall

DNS Firewall for advanced protection to help with blocking ransomware and malware.

Use Cases:

  • Authoritative Domain Hosting 
  • Manage your own public DNS environment 
  • Shield your business with a DNS Firewall as part of your layered defense strategy (helps keep your domain up during an attack) 
  • CEN Forwarders for non-authoritative lookups (RPZ and Open) 
  • Get automatic filtering against top Malware threat destinations


  • Exceptional resolution performance means simpler networks with fewer servers and no need for load balancers or firewalls 
  • Custom DNS Views for Split-Horizon queries  
  • Workflow Task Management for record creation and admin approval 
  • Reporting
  • CEN allocated IP Management 


To get started, email servicedesk@cteducation.net or call 860-622-4560 Option 1 


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CEN’s scalable, resilient network design offers an unmatched combination of performance attributes for speed, latency, reliability, and security.

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CEN’s cost recovery model provides competitive pricing, custom tailored services, and larger feature sets as compared to other for-profit ISPs.


CEN's Connecticut based team backs its members with a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) and access to senior technical staff for the most consistent, local, expert service available.