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CEN utilizes a number of methods to ensure it is is well aligned with the need of our connected members, and continues to provide value to services and content they desire.

CEN is Governed by the Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology.  This Commission is the principal educational technology advisor for state government comprised of a diverse set of state and local leaders, from both private and public sector, and are representative of CEN’s diverse connected member base.

CEN is a member driven organization. As such, CEN maintains advisory councils co-chaired and comprised of its members and includes public and private sector leaders, to provide advice and counsel regarding services, programs, technical advancement, engagement, and outreach activities.


  • Services Management Advisory Council (SMAC) - Provides advice and recommendations to CEN staff on matters related to existing and new services, addressing issues such as quality, cost, and adoption. The greater member community is encouraged to provide feedback to ensure service quality.


  • Technical Advancement Advisory Council (TAAC) - Provides input and advice, through education and exploration, on advanced technical ability and applications that meet the need of CEN member constituencies.


  • Engagement & Development Advisory Council (EDAC) - Provides leadership and insight for the development and delivery of technical, professional, and leadership info, training, and seminars for CEN members.  The EDAC is responsible for the development of the Annual Member Conference program.
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