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Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

CEN’s Endpoint Security Service partnered through Crowdstrike leverages the scale of the community to engage in a preferred pricing program for all members. The program lets each member acquire a best-of-breed endpoint security service that helps reduce risk, stop threats, increase visibility, and maintain cyber insurance compliance. Three packages are available to help suit the budgetary needs of the membership and provide a pathway to heightening the cybersecurity posture at each institution. 



Bundles & Features:

CEN Strongly recommends Falcon Complete as the target solution for all members. It is the most comprehensive bundle for threat remediation.  The Complete Service allows for members to have CrowdStrike’s Pro-Active Threat Hunters and Complete Remediation specialists remediate threats on their behalf and will in turn provide reported threats, and the remediations that were applied.  Please note there are different products and pricing for regular endpoints vs servers.





Falcon Complete

Falcon Premium

Falcon Enterprise

Complete Real Time Response and remediation for threats within customer environments X
Prevent Next Gen AntiVirus X X X
Insight End Point Detection and Response X X X
Discover IT Hygene X X
Overwatch Pro-Active Threat Hunter Teams X X X
Threat Graph Standard Cloud Data Lake For all Meta Data - 7 Day retention X X X
Server Threat Graph Standard Cloud Data Lake For all Meta Data - 7 Day retention X X X
Cloud Sensor IaaS Configuration Audits and Protection for Container Workloads (CRWD Managed)
optional $
optional $
optional $
Identity Protection Prevents Breaches via Conditional Access (CRWD Managed)
optional $
optional $
optional $
LogScale Cloud Log Management Solution optional $ optional $ optional $
Falcon X Threat Intel optional $ X X
Device control USB Policy Enforcement optional $ X X
Firewall Firewall Management Modules optional $ X X
Exposure Management Scanless Vulnerability Management optional $ optional $ optional $
Mobile Devices Protection for Mobile/Tablets optional $ optional $ optional $
Data Protection Data Loss Prevention for Devices/Cloud optional $ optional $ optional $
Insight Chrome OS Security for Chrome Extensions optional $ optional $ optional $
File Integrity Manager Idenitfy files that have had changes made to them optional $ optional $ optional $

Note: CEN members will be quoted to fall under CEN’s customer ID (CID) in a multi-tennant system for greatest discount and visibility. Separate CIDs are available.

Support Options:

The member agreement includes two support offerings direct with Crowdstrike that are centered around size of license count consumed above or below 2500 per organization. Below 2500 would receive ‘Express Support’.  Organizations at or above 2500 licenses will receive ‘Essential Support’.  Member-customers with less than 2,500 may purchase Essential Support, however there is a minimum charge.  Support matrix is below:

CrowdStrike Support Offerings



Tech Support
   Support Portal (Knowledge Base, Case Submissions) X X
   24/7/365 Support X X
   Live Chat (Business Hours) X X
   Case Prioritization High Higher
Technical Account Management (TAM)
   TAM Assignment Pooled Product Specialist
   Health Check Quarterly Quarterly
   Quarterly Reports X X
   Product Enablement Webinar Delivered by TAM
   Proactive Case Management X
   Proactive Engagements for Relevant Product Updates or Issues X
   Scheduled Operations Review X
New Customer Onboarding
   Onboarding Webinar X X
   Kickoff Call * X
   Guided Onboarding Experience with an assigned Onboarding Specialist 30 Days
Essential Support is designed for organizations over 2,500 devices.  Customers with less than 2,500 may purchase Essential Support, however there is a minimum charge
*All Complete Customers, regardless of support level, receive Kick-off call with Complete team


Orders can take place throughout the year though subscription start dates and purchasing will be aligned quarterly on July 1 / Oct 1 / Jan 1 / April 1.  This consolidation of purchasing activities is required to help with efficiencies towards volume / group pricing and is part of the overall agreement. Emergencies aside, all member purchases will be aligned this way.    
By default, CEN members will be quoted to fall under CEN’s tenant for greatest discount and visibility. This arrangement allows for separation of data between members though provides visibility across all members enabling greater capabilities for statewide notifications of malicious activity, attack trends, remediations, etc.  If you want your own customer ID separate of CEN tenant, please make sure quotes include this as a line item with applicable cost. In either scenario, members with work with Crowdstrike for setup and operations.    
The preferred pricing program volume agreement with Crowdstrike authorizes two resellers for fulfillment as follows:

Jeff Levin

PubSec District Sales Manager



Matt Ingram

Sales Manager | SLG | EDU | HC




Katherine ‘Kacie’ Gault

Government Account Representative



Quarterly Business Review:

CEN, as the agreement holder, will perform a quarterly business review (QBR) to review overall performance. QBR elements include overall license consumption of products and add-ons as provided by Crowdstrike, review of any member voiced issues for discussion and/or resolution as needed, price competitiveness checks, and discussion of roadmap / insights into newer technologies that may make sense for addition to the agreement as time goes on. Information will be shared with the Service Management & Technical Advisory Council (SMTAC).  Members are welcome to attend if desired and as requested.


An existing account would like to purchase CrowdStrike renewal, how do they leverage the contract?

The account manager and renewal teams can direct them to SHI or Carahsoft for the pricing in the contract.

That’s great, but my customer purchased through a different VAR, can they access the same pricing?

In short, no, they cannot, SHI and Carahsoft hold contracts with the state that allow CrowdStrike to be purchased based on pre-existing Ts and C's that they hold. Additionally due to volume based discounts with SHI and Carahsoft, they are the only partners that can provide that pricing. You can still renew with your existing VAR, however, they will not have access to the pricing afforded in the CEN agreement.

My customer wants to add new CrowdStrike products and co-term them with an existing contract, how do we do that?

When customers look to add new modules to the CrowdStrike platform, they may receive pricing based on the state contract to co-term the new products.

What happens if product sku’s change from CrowdStrike?

CEN-CrowdStrike-Carahsoft-SHI will make sure the pricing is consistent and accurately reflects the previous sku’s on the individual quotes.

I want to buy now and have the subscription start immediately, we were breached and we need CrowdStrike!

CrowdStrike’s main mission is to stop breaches, and we would never hold up protections for a member in need. Reach out to your local Account Manager’s from SHI and CrowdStrike, CC CEN, and we would take these requests on a case-by-case basis.

I am not a CEN member, how do I take advantage of this?

CEN is working on a light weight ‘affiliate’ membership so everyone can take advantage of the scale/volume agreement. There are small fees to become an affiliate to help recover costs of contract negotiation and administration, and if your organization connects to CEN they will be waived.


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CEN’s scalable, resilient network design offers an unmatched combination of performance attributes for speed, latency, reliability, and security.

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CEN’s cost recovery model provides competitive pricing, custom tailored services, and larger feature sets as compared to other for-profit ISPs.


CEN's Connecticut based team backs its members with a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) and access to senior technical staff for the most consistent, local, expert service available.


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