blue network background with a CEN and a PSDN logo on it

Nutmeg Network

The Nutmeg Network is a collaboration between CEN and the Public Safety Data Network (PSDN) to bring high-performance network services to CT’s community anchor institutions. This unique partnership allows for PSDN connected entities, such as Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) , local police and fire, to gain access to CEN’s high performance Internet through their existing PSDN connection. The two networks combine to form the ‘Nutmeg Network’ and bring over 1000 points of presence across the state and connect nearly every community anchor institution to resilient, high-performance fiber networks.    

Member Benefits

  • Reliable, predictable, and secure connectivity
  • Excellent member value proposition based on capability and scale
  • CEN and PSDN combined monitoring
  • 24x7 personalized support from local CEN and PSDN technicians

Service Features

  • High performance through resilient, high capacity, and ultra-low latency connections
  • PSDN bandwidth allocations for CEN Internet are subject to approval by PSDN Governance Board and are capped/rate limited due to the purpose and capabilities of the network.

Use Cases

  • PSDN connected police departments,  fire houses, and emergency operations centers use existing PSDN network connections to subscribe to CEN Internet
  • Police access for monitoring school network security cameras
  • L2/3 connections from PSDN connected police and fire to CEN connected schools and towns