Picture of Hartford at dusk. Text reads that the 2020 Conference is canceled and to join for the May 11-12 2021 Conference.

Annual Conference

2020 Member Conference Canceled

We have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Annual Member Conference scheduled in Hartford on October 6-7.  

In light of the continuing challenges and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the unpredictability of travel restrictions, budgetary challenges, and the ongoing health and safety concerns of our membership, the EDAC in conjunction with CEN leadership felt holding the event as scheduled is unrealistic and impractical. All conference registrants will receive a full refund with the details below.  

While we are not meeting this October for our in-person conference, we ask you to still join us for our virtual UNconference series. Social distancing may keep us physically apart, but we still want to help keep our community connected, provide timely content, and offer a forum for sharing. We will be hosting monthly virtual sessions with content driven by members; stay tuned for more information and registration at https://ctedunet.net/engagement-events/

To submit a session proposal for the CEN Member UNconference click below, create an account, and complete the requested form. 


Sponsors will have the option to:

  • Donate the funds to CEN in support of community events and training.  Logo recognition options will be made available in recognition of your contribution.  
  • Apply the registration fee towards your May 2021 CEN Member Conference sponsorship.
  • Receive a refund.
  • For questions or concerns, please contact Rachael Collard at rachael.collard@uconn.edu.


  • Will be fully refunded
  • Options are dependent on the payment type: Check, Credit Card, or Purchase Order

Check Refund

  • If the check has not been deposited, please void the check, and it will be shredded.
  • If the check has been deposited, you will receive an email from UConn HuskyBuy (HuskyBuySupport@Uconn.edu)  with directions to complete the New Supplier Form. Please take note that the message will not come from CEN. See below for how this message will appear.

Credit Card Refund

  • You will receive an email from conference@cteducation.net when the refund has been issued.
  • The refund will show on the statement of the card owner as a "Reversed Signed Purchase UConn Marketplace Storrs"

Purchase Order

  • Please confirm your PO number and status of the check (mailed or not) to determine the refund action.

Contact Info

If there are any issues please contact Rachael Collard at rachael.collard@uconn.edu or Molly Zipkin at molly.zipkin@uconn.edu

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