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Our Members

Our biggest partner is our members.  CEN is a member driven organization that values the partnership and human network that connects all of us.  Our Vision, Mission, Values and Advisory Councils put the member first in all equations and ultimately drives the unparalleled value we seek to provide to all our members.

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UConn’s partnership with CEN enables UConn to meet the diverse needs of its community – from streaming content in a residential hall to performing data-intensive research – by delivering reliable, high-speed internet. This alliance provides CEN members with a strong academic and technical backbone based in academic R+D.

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State of Connecticut
Public Safety Data Network

CEN has partnered with The Public Safety Data Network (PSDN) which is an ultra-high-speed fiber optic data network that serves as a dedicated transport infrastructure and interconnectivity pathway for public safety and government applications and services throughout the state. The network consists of approximately 8,800 miles of dark fiber connecting 515 nodes or Points of Interest (POIs) and is designed with the highest level of redundancy. This network connects the 110 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in Connecticut that provide the 911 Emergency Answering service to the citizens of the state. This network also interconnects all State Police and local police departments and provides connectivity to centralized criminal information systems such as NCIC, NLETS and AFIS. The ENS group supports this infrastructure exclusively.

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CEN has partnered with The Global Research Network Operations Center at Indiana University to provide carrier-grade operations, tools and network expertise placing a dedicated focus on serving the unique requirements of the research and education (R&E) community.

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The Quilt

CEN is a member of The Quilt, a nonprofit national coalition of 36 of our country's most advanced regional research and education networks. Participants in The Quilt provide and access advanced network services and applications promoted to thousands of educational institutions, including over 250 universities.

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CEN and Internet2 are committed to promoting the development and deployment of advanced internet applications and network services in the conduct of research and education. CEN members can take full advantage of this collaboration as CEN leverage’s Internet2 to expand the CEN network reach nationally and internationally.

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CEN has partnered with NEREN (Northeast Research and Education Network) which is a consortium of non-profit organizations that provide a fiber-optic network connecting and unifying the research and education communities in New York and New England. NEREN securely enables some of the most prestigious universities in the world to explore the global resources that utilize ultra-broadband applications.

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