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Enterprise Content Filtering

Enterprise Content Filtering

CEN’s Content Filtering Service through iboss provides members an enterprise Internet content filtering solution including the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliance requirements for E-Rate. CEN’s Content Filtering Service allows members to customize their filter to prevent access to material that violates their organization’s acceptable use policy. This service is included in K-12 and library members’ Internet access offering at no additional cost and scale pricing for all other non-profit members.

Member Benefits:

  • Enterprise level, CIPA compliant protection to meet E-Rate requirements
  • Full Web (URL) and content filtering solution for full protection
  • Hosted and cloud solutions available to reduce demands on member IT staffs
  • Scalable hosted and cloud solutions available to easily meet growth needs
  • Cloud solution available to meet security needs of 1:1 initiatives including at-home device deployment
  • Cloud Connector Licensing for every CT K-12 District based on student counts in EdSight

Included Features:


The following are included at no additional cost for K-12 and library members

Complete Web and Content Filtering

Blocks access to online content that is harmful or objectionable.

Automated Compliance and Reporting

Establishes and enforces policies to ensure and document compliance with applicable data privacy and protection regulations.

SSL Traffic Management

Monitors and manages the growing amount of encrypted traffic, including attempts to use SSL to bypass control measures.

Cloud Application and Social Media Controls

Closely manages which cloud-based apps and social media sites can be accessed and used.

Mobile Device Protection

Offers complete content filtering for IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook devices and extends cybersecurity coverage for all of an organization's mobile devices regardless of where or when they are used.

EOL Protection

Provides protection for out of date browsers and operating systems. Extends protection of deployed technologies after end-of-life when vendors stop issuing security updates and patches for them.

Advanced Real-time Reporting

Streamlines the process of producing timely, accurate, and professional reports for a range of compliance and internal management purposes.

Single Pane of Glass Management

Enables school systems to set and enforce cybersecurity policies districtwide via the cloud, with flexibility to delegate policy decisions to individual schools.

Bandwidth Monitoring and Sharing

Gives school systems visibility into their bandwidth utilization to ensure availability by spotting problems and curbing misuse.

Students at Risk

Identifies high risk or at risk students in order to get them the help they need before tragedy occurs.

Top Quality Technical Support

Provides highly trained and experienced iboss technicians that are ready to help customers with any technical problems or questions they may have. Email:  Phone: 877-742-6832

Additional Available Features:


The following are available at scale pricing

Classroom Management

Enhances Google Classroom by adding more tools to help you manage student learning activities remotely, from any location.

Malware Protection

Provides defense-in-depth protection by leveraging leading cybersecurity companies and cutting edge malware defense technology.

Data Loss Prevention

The Data Loss Prevention package adds deep, file-based data loss prevention capabilities, advanced sensitive content detection, and advanced content analysis engines.

Use Cases:

CEN iboss Cloud

  • iboss provisioned account (1 per member)
  • iboss provisioned reporting
  • Direct support from iboss, CEN validates contacts
  • Fully supports 1:1 initiatives
  • 500 GB storage per account, member option to purchase additional
  • Full suite of iboss features available

CEN Member iboss Appliance

  • Member acquires iboss appliance (via iboss or reseller)
  • CEN core licensing
  • Member applies all policies and account locally
  • Options for local or cloud reporter
  • Member pays capital equipment and maintenance or annual subscription
  • Full suite of iboss features available


CEN Hosted iboss

  • CEN hosted NBC-28 clusters
  • No SSL inspection/decryption
  • Shared environment
  • Cloud reporter
  • Resilient clusters with geo failover

Click here for training materials and frequently asked questions about iBoss filtering: Information sheet


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CEN’s scalable, resilient network design offers an unmatched combination of performance attributes for speed, latency, reliability, and security.

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CEN’s cost recovery model provides competitive pricing, custom tailored services, and larger feature sets as compared to other for-profit ISPs.


CEN's Connecticut based team backs its members with a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) and access to senior technical staff for the most consistent, local, expert service available.