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"CEN is the best. I have been extremely happy being part of your network [from the beginning] and appreciated the excellent support provided when situations called for it."

- Charlie Taylor, IT Manager, Kent Center School, Kent


"The service CEN provides is excellent. Both in network speed/reliability and customer service. You really do provide a great service to the schools and public library. The efforts by the CEN staff are much appreciated. Thank you."

- Rob Wilson, Director of Technology and Information Services, Somers Public Schools


"I just wanted to say a big thank you. We have been with CEN for about five years now and not only has the service been phenomenal, but the prices dropping each and every year has been wonderful as well. If my notes are correct, you have reduced the MB/month rate by more than 50% just over the last year. Nice work and thank you."

- D.J. Plante, Director of Technology, Hopkins School, New Haven


"Managed WiFi from CEN has allowed us to simultaneously connect more devices, with faster speed and almost no staff assistance required. We are now able to confidently hold programs and events where wireless access is required and we can accurately report the number of wireless users to our partners.

- Kristi Sadowski, Library Director, Booth & Dimock Memorial Library


“We eagerly joined CEN to get the higher bandwidth our students wanted. Since joining, the costs have declined each year allowing us to keep our budget under control while feeding a constantly growing demand for bandwidth from our 410 students. Our bandwidth consumption has increased over 1,000% since we started, and CEN has always been ready to handle the load.”

“On the technical side, we have been extremely pleased with CEN’s proactive approach. They’ve added content caching and peering to help deliver Internet content more quickly and have helped us as we pilot a transition to IPv6. Their broadband and billing policies have made it possible for us to run special events on campus that use extra bandwidth, such as live streaming events.”

“Most importantly, the staff are friendly, helpful and always willing to work with us to make our network offerings better.”

- Jason Healy, Suffield Academy