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Strategic Plan & Annual Reports

2019- 2024

The Connecticut Education Network (CEN) is a tremendous asset to the State of Connecticut that provides critical network services to the research and education community that in turn encourage workforce and economic development. CEN is the leader in high-performance Internet for Connecticut’s schools, libraries, colleges, and towns, providing equitable and efficient services throughout the state through a collaborative model that few states can rival. This strategic plan reflects the collective needs and vision of CEN’s member institutions, representatives of which provided direct input on the sections that follow. It is a plan built by and for stakeholders, not stockholders, to address the needs of the community and to provide transformative opportunities throughout the state. Through this approach, the plan remains both practical and aligned to support economic and workforce development through education, research, government, healthcare, the arts, and open access members.


The goals and strategies herein represent the needs of the community and the overall approach to what CEN must do to remain competitive and relevant (Goal 1), to differentiate itself from commercial counterparts and ensure continual alignment with our members (Goals 2-4), and to provide foundational support of the overall platform on which all other goals depend (Goal 5).


2019-2024 Goals

Goal 1: Provide Value- Expand the service portfolio to provide value and enhance Internet and network capabilities at scale, heighten security, and increase the overall knowledge and understanding of those technologies and services.
Goal 2: Ignite Innovation- Empower members through a suite of services tailored to their needs that encourage excellence and innovation.
Goal 3: Foster Collaboration- Engage the local membership and national R&E community to provide technical and functional network services that serve the specific needs of CEN member communities.
Goal 4: Promote Advocacy- Pursue activities to enhance brand awareness such that members and policy decision makers are engaged in activities to help articulate CEN’s value proposition and impact public policy initiatives.
Goal 5: Enhance Core Resources- Pursue opportunities to leverage, develop, and enhance CEN’s core technology and human resources for the foundational success of the program in pursuit of member needs.