Graphic background with image of a lock, graphic of a fire next to a number of blocks that read: AV Scan, Hosted, 100G, IPS, Geo-diverse, VPN, Stateful, Resilient, Fast-Failover, SSL, Co-managed, App-aware

Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall Service

CEN’s Managed Firewall Service provides enterprise class technology to protect members with a first line of defense against malicious internet traffic. As a hosted solution, CEN takes care of installation, configuration, monitoring, and maintenance.   

CEN provides a high-level of customization, personalized service, and expert support reducing the burden on member technical teams. Monthly pricing is available for this service based on bandwidth utilization.

Fire graphic with bricks that read: AV Scan, Hosted, HA Pair, IPS, Geo-diverse, VPN, Stateful, Resilient, 100G, SSL, Co-managed, App-aware

Included Features:

Service Levels

Co-managed or fully managed service levels.

Threat Prevention

Threat prevention level of service including intrusion and anti-virus.

High-Availability Architecture


Scalable at bandwidth levels 25 Mbps - 10 Gbps.

Geo-Diverse Routing

Geo-diverse routing in the CEN core network.

Content Filtering

Compatible with content filtering systems.


Backed by industry leader Fortinet.


E-Rate eligible (Category 2).


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CEN’s scalable, resilient network design offers an unmatched combination of performance attributes for speed, latency, reliability, and security.

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CEN’s cost recovery model provides competitive pricing, custom tailored services, and larger feature sets as compared to other for-profit ISPs.

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CEN's Connecticut based team backs its members with a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) and access to senior technical staff for the most consistent, local, expert service available.