CEN Member Assistance During COVID-19 Crisis

CEN Member Assistance During COVID-19 Crisis

Member Colleagues, 


CEN has been working to understand the implications of the COVID-19 crisis and its effect on IT responsibilities for business continuity, remote telework, and distance learning.  To that end, we want to ensure all IT leaders are aware of the following programmatic initiatives to help our members during this time. 

  • CEN does not limit or cap any bandwidth to its members and makes available the full capacity of the connection to CEN. 
  • CEN will not charge any member for increased utilization on existing ports through the end of the fiscal year.  This should provide some comfort to our members who are trying to understand the impact of teleworking and remote learning at a level not seen to date. 
  • CEN is making available a document to IT leaders regarding the shift to remote learning and working offsite: “Understanding Network Impact of Increased Online Learning.  Feel free to circulate this with your leadership.   
  • CEN augmented an additional 100Gbps of aggregate commercial peering in preparation for the expected increase in online learning and teleworking. 
  • CEN will stand ready to prioritize building Layer2 Cloud access to Azure, AWS, and GCP to provide for temporary capacity in these environments. 
  • CEN engineering will prioritize COVID-19 related member activities and provide any design and implementations on an individual case basis. 


Last week we sent communications regarding CEN’s internal preparedness for business continuity with the COVID-19 crisis, and further communications will be released as needed.  We understand that each of our members may have individualized needs during this time, and we highly encourage direct dialogue.  The best way to initiate the process is to open a ticket with the NOC at servicedesk@cteducation.net or 860-622-4560, option 1. Please understand that this would be more consultative surrounding augmentation and implementation needs rather than a professional services engagement.    

Please remember CEN ISour membership.  Together, we have tremendous resources that can really affect outcomes. 




Ryan Kocsondy 

Director | CEN