CEN Statement on COVID-19

CEN Statement on COVID-19 



CEN is closely monitoring the COVID-19 Coronavirus and has worked to ensure business continuity in the event access to our main office and/or POP sites becomes restricted.  We have contingency plans in place to maintain operations and provide the level of support expected by the CEN community, without risking employees’ safety.  Many of the practices below are already in place as part of our standard operating practices and continuity plansPlease be aware of the following concerning CEN’s current readiness: 

  • The CEN IP network infrastructure is engineered for performance and resiliency and has the capacity to withstand additional traffic as patterns shift to accommodate member needs. 
  • The network is continually monitored for utilization and will be augmented as needed as trends shift.   
  • CEN staff may request the help of members to provide on-site assistance as ‘smart hands’ where needed and appropriate to limit travel and the potential spread of contaminants.  
  • As requested, CEN will move any member’s network configuration to any on-net location to accommodate a temporary move should the need arise. 
  • Communication to our NOC, managed through our partner GlobalNOC, will remain available during most situations. This communication includes resilient phone operations, e-mail, and ticketing out of redundant and geo-diverse data centers. 
  • Staff are empowered to work offsite during an emergency. Most day-to-day work can be completed remotely via cellular or home internet connections 
  • Staff are provided the equipment needed for extended periods of working offsite to ensure long-term success without having to be present onsite. 
  • Technical staff and leadership are designated as emergency response personnel and have greater access to resources in an emergency that may require a physical presence.  

If you or your users have any questions about business continuity, we would be happy to meet with you and discuss plans in more detail.  If you have any continuity needs that we can help with, please contact our member relations team 860-622-4560 Option 5, and we will be glad to review options.  We will work with each of your teams to better understand your specific network needs as changes occur. 

If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time, (860) 622-4563 or rk@uconn.edu.  


Ryan Kocsondy 

Director | CEN