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Internet2 Cloud Connect

The Cloud Connect service enables members to leverage the value of CEN:Internet2 partnership to access the private direct connection services offered by commercial cloud providers including Microsoft Azure Express Route, Amazon AWS Direct Connect, and Google Cloud Platform Dedicated Interconnect. Cloud Connect is available to CEN members at no additional fee

    • What is included in the production Internet2 shared Cloud Connect service:
      • Access to the shared 10G links to “direct connect” solutions from AWS, Google, and Microsoft in four cities across the country: Ashburn, VA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; and San Jose, CA. 
      • Use of the 20 resilient 10G connections Internet2 has configured across the four cities in support of the community’s direct connect requirements to Amazon AWS Direct Connect, Google Dedicated Interconnect, and Microsoft ExpressRoute.
      • Access at Layer 2 or Layer 3. 
      • Access to the Cloud Connect Portal service to automate configuration of Cloud Connect service.
    • What is NOT included in the Internet2 shared Cloud Connect service:
      • Any fees imposed by the cloud service provider for use of their cloud services.
      • Dedicated private links that are used by a single entity (e.g., a dedicated 10G link to AWS Direct Connect for a single campus). Dedicated private links to cloud providers will be made available to organizations at a modest annual fee.
    • Internet2 Peer Exchange (I2PX) will continue to provide access to public cloud and content providers:
      • Internet2 will continue to offer general purpose, production access over research and education networks through the Internet2 Peer Exchange (I2PX), formerly known as TR-CPS.
      •  I2PX provides access to the public peering offerings of AWS, Google, and Microsoft, as well as several other cloud providers, content providers, and transport peers. Most regional networks carry I2PX routes.
      •  I2PX can be used as a redundant path to direct connect solutions to the big 3 cloud providers (via VPN).


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