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Hub Site Upgrades

Hub Site Upgrades

Replace and update the distribution layer devices on the network. More dense hub sites will receive new devices capable of 100/400 Gig. Less dense sites will receive new devices capable of Nx100 Gig.


Program Overview

  • Higher capacity devices with faster port speeds 
  • Advanced feature sets including MACSEC on all ports for increased security 
  • Increased telemetry for advanced visibility 
  • Support for Next Gen network technologies like EVPN and segment routing 
  • Better troubleshooting capabilities through inline packet capture capabilities 
  • Reduce space required in our collocation facilities 
  • Reduced power consumption for a greener footprint 


  • Replacing/refreshing existing hardware that is end of life 
  • Rehoming all member backbones to the new devices 
  • Redesigning our interconnect to the PSDN 
  • Greater route scale for member L3 VPNs 
  • Greater MAC scale and faster convergence times for L2 VPN service 
  • MACSEC for point to point encryption across the network 
  • Advanced flow aware transport (FAT) for load balancing across links 
  • Improved mean time to repair (MTTR) through real time analytics with telemetry