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Everyone Learns Wi-Fi Initiative

Everyone Learns Wi-Fi Initiative

CEN is helping Governor Lamont bridge the digital divide by bringing free outdoor public Wi-Fi to eligible towns and locations across the state as part of the $43.5 Million ‘Everyone Learns’ Initiative.  The project will help provide internet access in support of learning, business development, and telehealth by leveraging and continuing to invest in CEN’s statewide connectivity infrastructure. Together, through the Governor’s funding and CEN Member partnerships and statewide human network, we can help make a difference to communities in need of quality internet experiences through the COVID crisis. 


Program Overview

  • Governor Lamont’s $43.5M Everyone Learns Initiative
  • Part of 3-pronged approach to addressing the digital divide through broadband access
  • 20 Urban and 20 Rural towns with the most need of connectivity help
  • 200 WiFi access points attached to CEN’s high performance network
  • Walk up / drive up Internet access for CT citizens
  • Supporting education, general Internet access, telehealth
  • Leveraging community assets like public libraries, municipal buildings, and schools
  • Donated to the participating partner location
  • Managed by CEN for 12 months as funded by Governor Lamont
  • 5 year pre-paid licensing on hardware included

Target Towns

Target towns provided by Governor’s office based on American Community Survey data from the 2014-2018. Public portal available at

Walk Up / Drive Up and Connect


  • ‘Education roaming’
  • Allows teachers, students, and staff from participating institutions to securely access the Internet from any eduroam-enabled institution/location.
  • Uses your local school’s user credentials, no need to re-configure your Wi-Fi at a new location, just open your device and get on.
  • CEN will cover the licensing cost for any CEN connected K-12 institution to federate their identity provider (IDP) service
  • ;




  • General citizen use
  • Captive portal redirect with general info, acceptable use, and simple login
  • Authenticated via text, e-mail, social media
  • Content Filtered to keep off nefarious use and explicit media
  • Funding support for 1 year




Technical Features

  • 802.11AX WiFi6 access points with dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios
  • 7 Gbit/sec max rate
  • IP67: Ruggedized installations for outdoor use (dust, moisture, vibration)
  • Wireless mesh capable for multi-hop situations (max=3)
  • CIPA content filtered to keep off nefarious and explicit use
  • Rate limiting capable to ensure ample and equitable bandwidth for all
  • 1X and native Active Directory integration
  • Stateful Layer 3-7 firewall

Site List

As sites are brought online and made available, they will be listed here.