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DDoS Fast-Flood Enhancement

DDoS Fast-Flood Enhancement

Fast-Flood detection reduces the time for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) detection and mitigation. The service also provides alerts when attacks start and a summary report when the attack is over. 


Program Overview   

  • 30 organizations of various sizes invited for feature testing  
  • Part of a 7-month pilot period to help introduce the new feature and tune policies 
  • Member feedback on service efficacy utilized prior to enabling network wide 


  • Quicker recognition (detection) and remediation (mitigation) of DDoS attacks  
  • Reduces the average time of 30 seconds for detection and 60-90 seconds for mitigation start, to as little as 1 second detection and less than 30 seconds for mitigation start 
  • Enhances effectiveness of all types of attacks: volumetric, protocol and application 
  • Detection on incoming and outbound attacks 
  • Reporting on attack start and summary report on completion 

Use Cases

  • DDoS protection ensuring availability and connectivity through attacks 
  • Part of a layered security for border protections 
  • Enhancement on existing hyper granular mitigation service 
  • Always on for peace of mind