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COVID-19 Updates

Updates on COVID-19

CEN continues to closely monitor the latest news and guidance related to the COVID-19 outbreak from the Governor’s office, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local health departments.

CEN and many other businesses have been following guidelines set by the state of Connecticut. Governor Lamont's Sector Rules can be found here.

Gatherings In the interest of community safety and continued collaboration, CEN will be hosting monthly, virtual UNconference sessions throughout 2020, and we have cancelled the in-person member conference scheduled for October. Please find CEN Unconference information and registration here 
Face Coverings CEN staff members will wear face coverings while working on site and maintaining a 6-feet-apart distance.
Schools The remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year will be held online with distance learning rather than in person for all pre-K to 12 schools.
Summer Camps Summer camps will be permitted to open June 22.
Visitors No visitors will be allowed to enter a DAS-owned building unless they are on the approved visitors list.
Offices The CEN staff is able to work comfortably and safely from home, while still providing quality service.

Information and data regarding the coronavirus 2019 can be found here.